Hello world! Welcome to EyeOnSixDays.com!!

Team USA enters the opening ceremonies of the 2004 ISDE in Poland.

by Steve Berkner

Welcome to EyeOnSixDays.com!

For those that follow the US National ISDE Team and their quest for GOLD at the International Six Days Enduro each year you’re probably familiar with my work.

This year (2011) marks my 16th year as a contributing journalist working for the US off-road motorcycle press.

Over the year’s, I attended my first Six Days at the Dutch ISDE in Assen, Netherlands, in 1993, I’ve had content make the pages (and the websites) of Cycle News, Dirt Rider, Dirt Bike, Cycle World and the American Motorcyclists Magazine as well as shoot video and write copy for Ignition 3 (the people who produce the Team USA highight DVDs each year.)

During that time I’ve flown over the equator eight times, as well as crossed the Atlantic Ocean 20 times, all in the pursuit of recording the images, as well as the interviews, that have documented Team USA’s ISDE efforts.

This year to help document the US National Team’s effort’s at Six Days I’ve developed this website/ blog ( EyeOnSixDays.com ) to help organize the amount of information that is available on the internet into a comprehensive “one stop website” that provides “clickable links.”

If you have any link suggestions please forward them to eyeonsixdays@gmail.com .

I hope you find this website helpful.

If you are interested in looking at images from the past Six Days I’ve attended you can find some of them here at www.berkyboy.smugmug.com. The “Galleries” found on that website have the capability to be viewed in a slideshow with you being able to pick some of the parameters. Play around a little and enjoy.

I’ve also started putting together slide show videos of some of those Gallaries and they can be found on this webiste or on my Youtube Channel page which can be found here, www.youtube.com/user/berkyboy.

If you are a news organization or an induvidual who would like to use or buy any of these images or slideshows please contact me at eyeonsixdays@gmail.com .


Steve Berkner

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