Another day closer for US ISDE team

US rider Jeff Fredette.

by Steve Berkner

The 28-rider US National ISDE team wrapped up another day of bike preparation Thursday placing them just one day away from their final impound scheduled for late Friday afternoon.

Thursday was the first day that all 28 US riders where found working at the Parc ferme, located in Kotka, Finland, as multiple canceled flights had kept seven riders from making it to Finland on their original schedules including Trophy Team captain Kurt Caselli and 30 time ISDE veteran Jeff Fredette who arrived late on Wednesday.

Fredette said, “Our flight had actually left Chicago on time (Monday) but had to turn around and go back to where we had to wait another day and a half before we could get back on our way. It’s all part of Six Days I guess. Sometimes you just have to go with what gets thrown at you.”

According to US Team manager Bruce Wakeley other than those few delayed flights and some lost luggare the week had gone very well. Wakeley said, “Its always a big relief when the container is on the ground and unpacked. These last couple of days of preparation are not just for the riders they’re also for the workers and the volunteers to figure out their routines as well.”

After final impound on Friday The US team will have two days off for team meetings, walking tests, attending opening ceremonies (on Saturday night) and finishing last minute preparations.

The first rider is scheduled to leave Kotka at eight Monday morning.

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