Team USA ready for Six Days of Finland

US chase rider Brian Hasslen prepares to ride Day 4 and 5.

by Steve Berkner

With the impounding of Jeff Fredette’s bike Saturday afternoon all 28 US riders had successfully made it into the secured area marking the end of their week long ISDE preparation activities in Kotka, Finland.

Fredette, along with three other US riders, needed an extra half day to pass the required sound tests before being allowed to impound their bikes.

Other US team activities included service crews checking out canopies, tools and supplies along with riders walking tests and preparing for Saturday night’s official opening ceremonies.

The week’s near perfect weather, sunny with daily temperatures in the mid 70s, also came to an end as a cold front had moved in late Saturday afternoon bringing with it a much needed rain.

The week long forecast for the Kotka-Hamina area calls for rain again on Monday and Tuesday with a chance of rain Wednesday and Thursday. The Finnish ISDE starts on Monday and runs through Saturday.

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