Team USA Juniors advance to 3rd after Day-two

Day-two of the 2012 International Six Days Enduro, being held in Saxony Germany, was a mixed bag of results with only the US Junior Trophy team advancing in the standings where they moved up two positions to third place overall behind Great Britain and France. The US World Trophy Team and Women’s Trophy Team both stayed in sixth and fifth places respectively for the day.

“The Juniors are advancing well, where Thad (Duvall) and Andrew (Delong) are getting stronger each day, and their teammates Jesse Groemm and Travis Coy are hanging in there as well,” said US Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

“Thad is actually right in there with (US Trophy riders Mike) Brown and (Kurt) Caselli’s scores. Delong is improving as well but he’s riding with a pretty bad cold and we only hope he continues to get better. Right now Jesse and Travis are the key as they have to be more consistent and even pick it up a little for the team to stay on the podium.”

Duvall, who is riding in his first ISDE said, “Today went ‘friggen’ awesome for me. It probably couldn’t get any better, I ran top 20 or better most of the day and moved up to 34th overall something like 14th in class.

“Everything is starting to make sense now, yesterday everything was new, today it was the same course so we knew what to expect. Tomorrow we get all new trail, I’m a little excited about that but it’s also supposed to get tougher so where going to have to pick it up.”

Delong said, “Things are getting better for me as well. I’m still pretty sick but I’m feeling better. The doctor has me on some stuff to clear my head so at least I can breathe now. I even nailed a couple of tests today and that felt good.”

While the US Juniors saw improvement in their overall results Kallonen said of the US Trophy Team sixth place position, “Our scores just aren’t improving well enough.  Mullins continues getting better and Robert is moving up as well. But with Kurt getting hurt (on Day-one) the rest of the riders need to be more consistent. We can’t afford to lose any more points by making mistakes or getting stuck in the tests.”

Caselli said of his Day-one injury, “Today things went much better. I kind of had a crap day yesterday when I crashed and hurt my shoulder. It’s bad enough that its effecting my concentration and my speed but it is what it is.

“Right now I’m trying to be smooth and just try and stay up. The doctor said it was a slight (shoulder) separation so things are still pretty sore and that makes my test times off a little but I’m trying to stay positive. Luckily Charlie and Taylor are making up for it.”

The World Trophy division is led be France, Australia and Italy whom are in first, second and third respectively.

At the end of Day-two the US Women’s Trophy Team still found itself in 5th place with the three-rider team of Amanda Mastin, Rachel Gutish and Sarah Whitmore putting in solid rides but not enough to advance.

The top three finishing teams after two days in the Women’ Trophy class are France Australia and Germany.

In the three-rider Club Team division the Boise Ridge Riders team of Devan Bolin, Reid Brown and Derek Steahly remained in 16th place as well.

All 31 US riders made it into impound at the end of Day-two and are scheduled to start Day-three.

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