U.S. team rebounds on final day of German Six Days

L-R: U.S. Junior Team riders Andrew Delong, Travis Coy, Thad Duvall, Jesse Groemm

The U.S. International Six Days Enduro Trophy and Junior teams finished strong during the final motocross test at the 2012 Six Days in Saxony, Germany. The U.S. Trophy Team moved up to fourth overall and the Junior Team took home a third-place podium finish.

“Our trophy team came up a little short on meeting our goal of making the podium,” said U.S. Team Manager Antti Kallonen. “But they moved up from sixth to fourth in the final motocross test. The team never gave up and pushed hard overtaking two teams (Spain and Finland) on the final day.

U.S. Trophy Team rider Charlie Mullins

“Mike Brown did an excellent job winning his moto and Charlie (Mullins) and Taylor (Robert) had good final motos as well. The whole team did,” Kallonen added. “It’s not much of a consolation when you come up just short of the podium, but it shows they never gave up.”

Kallonen said that injuries played a significant factor in the U.S. team’s performance this year.

“We still have to be pleased pulling off a fourth place finish with three of our six guys — Kurt (Caselli), Taylor and Charlie — being hurt,” he said. “It proves this team was a good starting point. We need to work at getting up to speed faster instead of it taking a couple of days to figure things out.”

Destry Abbott and Russell Bobbitt rounded out the six-rider US Trophy Team.

The top three finishing teams in the World Trophy Team division were France, Australia and Italy.

France (center), Great Britain (left) and the U.S. Junior Team at the final awards ceremony

“The Junior Team did excellent with its third-place finish,” Kallonen said. “Only one of their riders (Andrew Delong) had previous Six Days experience, and we used this team to give our younger, faster riders a chance to ride a Six Days. Maybe it’s a stepping stone to getting them on our Trophy Team, as they all have to start somewhere.

“Junior team rider Thad Duvall really came through for the team,” Kallonen added. “He showed he was more than ready. He had good tests scores, he was in good physical condition and he could work on his bike.  His teammate Andrew Delong did extremely well, as did Jesse Groemm and Travis Coy. They all worked hard and they deserve the third place finish they got.”

Finishing ahead of the U.S. team were France and Great Britain.

U.S. Club team rider Jeff Fredette finished his 32nd Six Days — a world record finishing tally that just keeps growing.

Mandi Mastin was the only U.S. women’s rider to finish this year’s ISDE. Her teammates Rachel Gutish and Sarah Whitmore both retired on day four when an overnight rain made long uphill sections of the course nearly impassable for riders that lost momentum or stalled out. Gutish and Whitmore both were riding injured, and both houred out.

The U.S. Women’s Trophy Team finished sixth.

Day four also saw the retirement of U.S. Club team rider Scott Bright, who crashed hard on one of the muddy transfer sections where he broke three ribs, cracked two vertebrae and suffered a partially collapsed long. He was released from the hospital in time to watch the final moto on day six.

U.S. Club team rider Fred Hoess (fourth from right) at the start of his final moto

The U.S. Wellard club team, made up of Fred Hoess, Jordan Brandt and John Barber, finished in 13th place.

“It was a tough Six Days,” Kallonen said. “Any rider who finished deserves the medal they got, as it was a very difficult event. Overall we didn’t meet all our goals, but we can learn from our performance here and build for the future.

“To be good at Six Days you obviously have to have the talent,” Kallonen said. “It has to come from the heart to make the podium, especially when you have some injuries. It was nice to see the U.S. Team never give up.”

U.S. Medals at 2012 ISDE

  • Taylor Robert – Gold    Mike Brown – Gold
  • Thad Duvall – Gold
  • Kurt Caselli – Gold
  • Andrew Delong – Gold
  • Destry Abbott – Gold
  • Russell Bobbitt – Gold
  • Jesse Groemm – Gold
  • Jordan Brandt – Gold
  • Fred Hoess – Gold
  • Devan Bolin – Gold
  • Zach Klamfoth – Gold
  • Brian Storrie – Silver
  • Reid Brown – Silver
  • Derek Steahly – Silver
  • John Barber – Silver
  • Jeff Fredette – Silver
  • Ron Schmelzle – Silver
  • Billy Burns – Silver
  • Joshua Knight – Silver
  • Michael Jolly – Silver
  • John Maier – Silver
  • Charlie Mullins – Bronze
  • Travis Coy – Bronze
  • Mandi Mastin – Bronze
  • Nick Canny – Bronze
  • Brian Chris Storrie – Finish
  • Rachel Gutish – Retired day four
  • Sarah Whitmore – Retired day four
  • Scott Bright – Retired day four
  • Nick Hamill – Retired day three
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