Day-two penalties plaque US trophy teams

US Trophy Team rider Mike Brown replaces his clutch durning the first check on Day-two.

US Trophy Team rider Mike Brown replaces his clutch durning the first check on Day-two.

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by Steve Berkner

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Day-two of the Italian International Six Days Enduro saw both the US World Trophy Team and the Junior Trophy Team drop one place in their overall standings after both teams were assessed rider penalties. The US Trophy Team is now in third place and the US Junior Team dropped to fourth.

US Team manger Antti Kallonen said, ”We had a couple of hiccups today were (US Trophy Team rider Thad Duvall was docked 60 seconds for going the wrong way on the course and )US Junior Team rider Kailub Russell lost 120 seconds for going into a check two minutes late.”

Kallonen said that he was less concerned about the US Trophy Team moving back up in the overall team standings where without Duvall’s penalty the team would have added time to their lead over Australia were they now hold a 15 second lead over the US Trophy Team riders.

Kallonen said, “(As far as the Trophy Team competition goes) its way too soon to talk about anybody running away with it, as we’ve seen anything can happen. (Without Duvall’s penalty) our trophy team’s times (were good enough) to pull ahead of both the Australians and the Italians (who where in fourth after Day-one.)” The French team now holds nearly a 5 minute lead over both the Australian and US teams.

Kallonen continued, “I’m a little more concerned about our Junior Team because even without (Russell’s) penalty they would have lost their (third place) position to Great Britain where now I’m afraid they have a race ahead of them to move back up.” The US Junior Team now trails Great Britain by 4 minutes and 6 seconds; France is in first followed by Italy.

Kallonen said, “For now we are not going to spend any time blaming anybody for losing these points. These were both silly penalties that we can’t do anything about so we are just going to move forward.

“For tomorrow (Day-three) we use most of the same course (as Day-one and Day-two) so at least everybody is familiar with the conditions and the terrain. Everybody is struggling with going fast as the test conditions are getting worse but it’s the same for everybody.”

Day-two of the Italian ISDE saw the US Women’s World Trophy Team move up one position to fifth place.

Individually US Trophy Team rider Taylor Robert was the “Top American” rider over two days where he moved up one place to 4th place overall. His teammate Charlie Mullins moved up two places where he is now in 7th overall.

The 31 rider US team lost its first rider today when Ryan Kudla failed to start the event due to a shoulder injury he suffered prior to the start of the event.

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