US ISDE Trophy Team moves back into second

US Trophy Team rider Zach Osborne rides down a transfer section during Day-three of the International Six Days Enduro in Olbia, Italy.

US Trophy Team rider Zach Osborne rides down a transfer section during Day-three of the International Six Days Enduro in Olbia, Italy.

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by Steve Berkner

Olbia, Italy–At the mid-point of the International Six Days Enduro the US World Trophy Team moved back into second place edging out the Australian team were the US now has a 19.5 second lead over Australia. The US team started the day 15 seconds behind the Australians team while France held a commanding lead with nearly a 9 minute lead over both teams.

US Team Manager Antti Kallonen summed up the US Trophy Team’s effort, “Once again all of our riders were very consistent. Like on Day-one and Day-two we are really in a battle with Australia for second place as the French have again added to their overall lead.

“For now France is starting to pull away. Unless something happens to one of their riders the real fight is for second place. We not only have to worry about the Australians, we also have to worry about the Italian team as they are now in the hunt for second (place) as well.” The Italian team moved to within 2 minutes and 25 seconds of the American team.

Kallonen said, “We still have two long days ahead of us so and if we can stay consistent we should be able to use the final moto (test) on Day-six to make back some time as we have some good moto-crossers on the team.”

The US Trophy Team’s efforts were led again by Taylor Robert who finished as the top American rider where he is fifth overall and fourth in the E2 Class. Robert’s teammates Charlie Mullins, Mike Brown, Kurt Caselli and Zach Osborne rounded out the six American rider’s team’s best scores.

Caselli said, “The tests are really starting to get beat pretty bad. I don’t think any of us thought that they would get that rough and silty but everybody has to ride it. The important part is all six of us are healthy and are bikes are running good.

“For myself I’ve been just off a little bit but I’m still hanging right in there. Robert, Mullins and Brown have all been doing a great job and Osborne is starting to figure it out as well.

Osborne, who normally rides motocross back in United States said, “This is absolutely nothing like what I’m used to back home. The first couple of days were a challenge but I’m starting to get the format down. I’m looking forward to new trail for Day-four and Day-five where we’ll be getting all new tests and fresh trail.”

After Day-three of the six day enduro the US Junior Team, made up of riders Kailub Russell, Andrew Delong, Jesse Groemm and Grant Baylor, remained in fourth place where they are followed by France, Italy and Great Britain.

The US Women’s World Trophy team dropped one spot back to sixth place. That team is represented by riders Mandi Mastin, Rachel Gutish and Brooke Hodges.

The US Wellard three-rider club team, made up of Nick Fahringer, Jimmy Jarrett and Ryan Sipes, moved up one place to second behind the efforts of Sipes who won the overall for the day in the C2 class that he rides in.

The next top finishing US club team is the team who moved up to fifth place, two more places then they had finished Day-one and Day-two. That team is made up of riders Ian Blythe, Alex Dorsey and Justin Sode.

All 30 of the US riders that started the day finished.

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